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The second Beijing color cartoon game carnival

AUTHOR:Fun Capital Wonderland  TIME:2018-04-05  HOTS:0
  On April 5, 2018 to 2018 on May 1, anime game carnival activities, time span covered tomb-sweeping day and labor day holiday, the activity will be divided into three major parts, the main spring cherry blossom theme decoration atmosphere, clear the main coser anime garden, the flash dance performances, such as the main form of e-sports game king glory May Day attract tourists into the garden and park implement one vote per charge. The event has a certain influence among the youth groups, and also enriched the cultural life and travel fun of local people。  
  The atmosphere of this activity is mainly dominated by cherry blossoms, with emphasis on the ornament of trees and flowerbeds in the park. The main moving line is laid with flowergate and flowerwall as the stopping point to take photos. In the central square, a taohuayuan area is created。