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Port of ledo fantasy paradise lights up your child with Smurfs

AUTHOR:Fun Capital Wonderland  TIME:2018-07-28  HOTS:0
  During July 28 to October 10 on behalf of the tong zhen, eternal, courage, wisdom, love and good smurf family will meet with everyone happy much fantasy paradise, to celebrate 60 years old birthday, happy much fantasy paradise Smurfs water world, smurf dream world, smurf the wizarding world, than a great one, just waiting for you to hello! Here comes the big story!!! The Smurfs sleep in the magic farm of the fantasy park every day. They also invite children and families to camp together. We will set up tents, play games, release fireflies, and experience the forest dream and forest party together. Please consult 010-57505288 for details of the hot recruitment of camping activities.