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Ming Tombs Raiders

  • Ming Tombs Raiders
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  • Ming Tombs Raiders
Ming Tombs Raiders
This is a totally different Ming Tombs, which you never experienced, where you might encounter animals which protect tombs and many dangerous gear, even you might see the relived lord of tombs ... In short, this will be a thrilling, dangerous and memorable journey.
Only visitors taller than 1.2m can take the ride.

Persons over the age of 65,persons who have had recent surgery,and persons who cannot easily be secured in seats with the safety lock must refrain from entering this attraction. Intoxicated persons, pregnant women,persons wearing a cast,persons susceptible to acrophobia and persons with high or low blood pressure,cardiac problems,spinal diseases, mental disorders or other medical conditions are kindly asked to refrain from entering this attraction.

Please observe all safety signs and instructions, keep public areas clean and protect equipment and facilities. No smoking, no spitting, no chewing gum, no photography and videography allowed.

Please be attentive to the children and elders around you. We do not provide lockers for this ride,please carefully secure your possessions.

Please follow the staff guidelines, orderly admission. No running, no pushing, no pets and no food allowed. The inflammable, explosive and other dangerous goods are prohibited. Do not enter any area that is marked “Danger”, “Do not enter” or “Staff only”.

The 4D glasses are available at the entrance. Please return your glasses at the exit. If you experience any discomfort while wearing the glasses, please remove them at once to have a rest.

Take your seat, secure the safety bars and fasten your seatbelt as directed by our staff. Please hold onto the safety bars tightly because this ride involves speedy revolutions,lifting and tilting. No dangerous behavior will be tolerated when the ride is in motion, keep your hands and feet inside the cabin and your protection tight. When the ride comes to a stop, please unbuckle the seatbelts and lift the safety bars before you disembark.

Please remain quiet and seated during the show, please do not take pictures, shoot video or walk around while the show is in progress.

After the experience, please do not play or stay within the project.

Please behave courteously and contact with our staff if you need help. In case of emergency, passengers should remain calm and wait for instructions from our staff.

Violators of any of the passenger guidelines above shall assume all responsibility for any accident or injury that might occur in this ride.