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  Type of Annual Card:

  1. Single Card: For an adult(18 years and above) or a child 1.5 meters tall(excluding 1.5 meters) and above.

  2. Couples card: applies to 18 years and above(male and female).

  3. Parent 1 +1 card: For adults and children with a height of 1.2 meters(1.2 meters) to 1.5 meters(1.5 meters).

  4. Parent 2 +1 card: For two adults and children with a height of 1.2 meters(1.2 meters) to 1.5 meters(1.5 meters).

  Annual membership rights:

  1. Enjoy unlimited admission to the park 365 days a year.

  2. Regular receipt of the latest activities and discounts of Fantasy Park.

  Notes on the Use of Annual Cards:

  1. Once the annual card is sold, it will take effect on the same day.

  2. The annual card is only used by the cardholder specified in the photo and can not be borrowed. Once it is discovered, it will be confiscated and invalidated.

  3. The valid annual card can be used during the normal operation of the park(except for special circumstances, such as the launch of a major event in the park or the failure of a major reception mission to operate normally, in case of force majeure such as bad weather, The park has a large number of tourists and can not guarantee fire safety when it is implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.

  4. Holders of under-age cards must be accompanied by a guardian before entering the park.

  5. The year card does not include items that are paid for by the park.

  Annual card replacement rule:

  1. If the card is inadvertently lost, please report the loss to Wonderland with your valid certificate or report the loss by telephone. If you are used fraudulently before reporting the loss, you will be invalidated.

  2. When completing the annual card, the valid cardholder of the annual card must be present at the same time and present their respective valid identity documents before the card can be filled. Visitors are required to pay a fee of 50 yuan for the replacement card.

  3. Remedial location: Ledo Port Fantasy Park Year Card Center.

  4. Fantasy Paradise Service Hotline: 010-57505288.

Type of Annual Card
Single 998 RMB Real name system, unlimited use throughout the year
1Adult & 1Child 1288 RMB
2Adult & 1 Child 1888 RMB
Lovers 1588 RMB
VIP Value-added services planning: no queuing / dedicated services / derivatives gifts

The above price system was started on April 28, 2017.
If you are in doubt, please consult 010-57505288.